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MandySkin Mandy IPL 2.0 Rose



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Mandy IPL 2.0 makes your hair removal faster, safer and easier. Mandy IPL 2.0 is a powerful tool in the fight against unwanted hair growth. Thanks to IPL technology and skin tone sensor, it painlessly removes your hair. Visible hair reduction after only 3-4 treatments. After 12 treatments you will see full results.Mandy IPL 2.0 comes with high quality light-based technology, as if you had a beauty salon at home.The skin tone sensor measures the skin tone. If the skin tone is too dark, the light pulsation stops automatically, protecting your skin and making the device safe to use. Can be used on any part of the body, works as good at your body as well as in the face.Fast and effective, 1-2 flashes per second/up to 100 flashes per minute. Treats the whole body in 20 minutes. Use:Shave and cleanse the skin area with soap before starting treatment. Do not use an epilator or wax as you need the hair root to remain for the treatment to be effective. Connect the power adapter to an electrical outlet. Press and hold the power button for one second to start the device. Set the intensity level or use the automatic mode (recommended) Automatic mode means that the device automatically sets the intensity level that best suits your skin tone using the skin tone sensors. There are five intensity levels. Level 1 is the lowest and 5 the highest. We recommend that you start with a low level the first few times and then increase Place the light window against your skin and move it slowly along your skin The number of treatments needed varies from person to person, but we recommend doing one treatment a week, for the first 12 weeks. Thereafter, one treatment per month, for 3 months, or until the desired results are achieved. To maintain hair-free and smooth skin, treat every 2-3 months, or as needed. After completing the treatment, remember to unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet. We recommend cooling the skin with moisturizing cream after each treatment, to protect and moisturize your skin. MandySkin Mandy IPL 2.0 Rose