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Effortless & ergonomic permanent hair reductionDreaming of long-lasting hair removal for silky-smooth skin – without having to go to a salon for IPL treatment? Then meet Silk’n Motion! The pulses of light emitted by this device easily remove hairs on the body or the face in no time. Even easier to use thanks to the automatic light pulse system and ergonomic design. So you can get started with removing hair right away, meaning you will be able to enjoy your silky-smooth skin even quicker!· Long-lasting hair removal for body and face with HPLTM· Up to 92% hair reduction after completing the treatment sessions*· Touch&Glide technology: (remove hairs more quickly thanks to) automatic light pulse system· 350,000 light pulses and 3 safety sensors· Auto Energy Adjust System: superior safety for darker skin tonesHPL™ technology: clinically proven and patented Millions of people all over the world are using IPL technology – mainly in beauty salons – to enjoy long-lasting hair removal. Silk’n was the first brand to make light-based hair removal at home possible with the patented HPL™ (Home Pulsed Light) technology. Our technology is clinically proven and recommended by leading dermatologists as safe, easy and effective. The device is easy to use and results in up to 92.3%* hair reduction after six treatments with two weeks in between each session. Read more about HPL technology here https://silkn.eu/nl/hoe-het-werkt.* Click here for more information on the clinical trial (2015) conducted by the Tennessee Clinical Research Center (Nashville, USA).Automatic light pulse system for faster hair removal This ergonomic hair removal device removes hairs extremely quickly and automatically thanks to the patented Touch&Glide technology. Motion features just one button for switching the device on and off and for switching between the 5 energy levels. This means you no longer have to press a pulse button in order to emit a light pulse.The Motion hair removal device is the only device with 3 sensors – for skin colour, touch, and movement. The device reads your skin tone (Skin Colour Sensor) to determine whether it is suitable for treatment with the energy level selected. Touch your skin with the device (Touch Sensor), flash automatically, and whenever you stop moving the device over your skin, the device will automatically stop flashing (Movement Sensor). This hair removal device is capable of emitting 350,000 light pulses and has a multi-use treatment area of 3 cm² for effortless hair removal for the body and face.New: Auto Energy Adjust System for superior safety With Silk’n Motion, people with a darker skin tone can also use light pulse hair removal. The brand-new Auto Energy Adjust System in combination with the smart Skin Colour Sensor ensures that the energy level of the device can be automatically lowered to energy level 2 – a level safe for all skin tones – when the skin tone is too dark for the device.Would you like more information about the suitability of the device for different hair colours and skin tones? Then click here (https://silkn.eu/nl/iets-voor-u). Silk’n Motion 350K